Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome February

It's not January anymore, crazy! 
The last couple of days have flown by! I felt like the first week here was as slow as a slug right after eating its birthday cake... and some turkey. That stuff makes me feel slow at least. 
It's nice that it has gone by a little faster. We've actually had stuff to do this week. 
The Marriage Cafe that we went to on Monday night was really fun! It was nice being around other married couples and the guy speaking was really encouraging. Sean and I feel so blessed that we have been able to get so much wisdom poured into us regarding marriage and communication. It was a much better time then the day before. We will for sure be going back this next Monday! 

I made this on Tuesday evening! 
It looks kind of weird in this picture but it was really good! It's a Senegalese recipe called Mafe. Growing up in west Africa, we had all kinds of yummy food and this was one of our favorites! It has a peanut sauce base which makes the whole dish! It's so mouth watering! I made it with pork, carrots, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes. Then you pour it over rice! So good! And I made way too much so now we have lots of leftovers. Which was the point.  My Mom made it for Sean and I just a couple weeks ago before we moved and so I was inspired to make it myself! It turned out really well for my first time! :) Thanks Mom! 

Today Sean and I decided to go adventuring. He had an interview this morning at a really cool coffee shop and he thought it went really well! So he came home with lots of energy. I wasn't feeling very well but I knew that going out and doing something would at least cheer up my soul. Side note... for those of you who don't know me, or don't know this part of me.... I love to go out and do things. I love being home and cozy up with a blanket and fire and watch movies and bake and all that fun stuff too! But more than all of that I love to feel the breeze in my face and have a sense of adventuring! I love going places I've never been before and seeing new things. That's one of the biggest reasons I love going hiking and camping. Exploring God's creation is probably one of my favorite things in the entire world. I would rather go to a new place and risk it not being as "magical" as another one just for the pure chance that it could be more so. I love the idea that there could be something breath taking around the next bend. So with all of that, we decided to go on a hiking adventure. Sean decided to find a place for us on his sweet app called "AllTrails" and I got ready. Pretty soon we were out the door and on our way. We start driving down the freeway and as soon as the scenery went from brown to green I knew we were heading in a good direction. We see our exit and I am beyond excited! It's beautiful! All the different colors of the rainbow and so many rolling hills! Man, I was so stoked to see where we were heading. So we drove for another about ten minutes and finally arrived at our destination. I love river trails because it's always so much greener and there is more chance of cool little creatures roaming around :) So we start on the trail and instantly, I was in love. This was the first glance down the trail from about fifteen feet from the trail head. 
"The Lord is my Light and my Salvation." 

It was magical! 
Even though I wasn't feeling the greatest, I just kept being reminded of God's goodness. I am thankful for Him today and how much He desires to lavish His love on us. I keep finding myself stuck in a mindset of worrying and Sean so graciously read me these verses this morning, "The LORD is the Light of my salvation- whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalm 27:1
I have nothing to worry about. Though I can't see what's in front of us and how God will provide, I believe with all my heart that He led us down here and He will provide for us as we walk in His ways. It seems so silly to worry when you look at how amazing God is. He is the perfect father. 
The rest of our hike was great! I wanted to skip down the trail and sing! It was perfect. I'm grateful for Sean to have found this place. It might be my new favorite spot... well, at least for this season of life. I'm pretty sure my favorite place ever is not in this state ;) 

Here's one of Sean on the trail.

We saw a few people trail running so we decided we would have to come back again to indulge in another one of our favorite things :) Running with a sinus headache did not sound like fun thought. Ha! I have a sinus headache. Doesn't that sound lovely? Whenever I meet people I feel the need to say "I promise I don't always sound this nasally, really, I don't." Oh well, I guess I will be known for awhile as the girl with the nasally voice. I'm praying it goes away soon. 
Well, I guess that's all for now. I'm really bad at goodbyes. 

Oh ya! I forgot to tell you! Hold on, just one minute, I'll be right back...

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  1. I'm a new reader,and love your blog:) from your newest post I saw that you are going to a Bible College (it wouldn't let me comment on that post). I go to Calvary Chapel Bible College on Murrieta Hot Springs. So if you go there we can be friends! I hope things get easier! :)

    God bless:)