Saturday, April 28, 2012


Dear Portland, Oregon,

I miss you. Your rain, your coffee shops, your green. I love the way you smell. I miss your familiarity. I miss all the ma and pa shops where people are family without even knowing your name. I miss your nature paths, your green grass and all the medical mar clinics... well not really. I miss family and friends and mostly your trends. I guess I shall return soon, until then, I hope you are well and your flowers are beginning to bloom.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Recap of March

Wow! It has been almost a whole month since I've written! God has been so faithful! 
We could not be more blessed by Him! 
School has been keeping me pretty busy but I wanted to share some 
fun things Sean and I have gotten to do this last month.

 First, Sean's new job sent him to Carlsbad for training so I got to 
go with him and spend the day at the beach! 

Our day started early and while Sean was in training I did homework, then as soon as he was finished we took off to get lunch in Carlsbad, then drove up to Oceanside and spent a couple hours walking the pier and sitting on the sand ;) The beach is one of my favorite places in the whole world! It was so fun! And it was our first time going to the beach since we've been here! 

Next, we have all been waiting in great anticipation for my sister to have her twin boys. They were due a little later in April but I had a feeling they would be March babies! And, I was right! They were both born naturally on March 31! Emerson at 12:45pm and Hunter at 2:46pm! My sister is one amazing lady! It was her first pregnancy and she had a better attitude then most women I know who only have to carry one! I hope to one day be as strong as her when I go through it ;) 

They are so sweet! E looks like Shawn (Amber's husband) and Hunter looks like Amber!