Sunday, March 11, 2012


On a run the other day I stopped and laid down on the grass. Looking up I saw how beautiful the sun was shining through the branches. I am thankful that I live in a place where the days are warm and filled with sunshine. 

I thought this was cute and remembered riding these when I was little. So fun! 

There are so many things that have happened in the last few days. The last week really. Where to begin? Well, I guess I'll start with a week ago yesterday. Last Saturday we found out that Sean had lost almost all of his hours at work. Bummer! We lost almost all hope that God was going to provide for us to stay here and finish the semester. How could we since we had made hardly any money at all since being here and almost completely emptying our savings? It was looking pretty sad. I have to admit that I was in quite a bit of a frenzy... maybe more like a tornado of emotions and doubt and confusion at what God had promised us. Someday I would like to actually
 "count it all as joy" when I go through trials. Last Saturday was not the day. 
We struggled to find consolation in each other or in family and came to the conclusion that we would need to pack up our bags and head home in 5 days (which would have been this last Friday) if Sean didn't get a full-time job right away. We also weren't sure how we were going to be able to pay rent even if we did somehow stay due to Sean getting a job. The next days were gloomy and sad. We went to Sunday night Chapel at the school and waited to hear from the Lord about what we should do. Our awesome friends Bekah and Eleazar came and sat next to us and asked how we were doing. I told Bekah we needed prayer. After the service they asked us what was going on and so we told them our situation. It was so encouraging to have people surround us and lift us up in prayer when we were so discouraged. Ele prayed specifically that Sean and I would know for sure by Monday by 5pm what we were to do. We went home that evening trusting the Lord a little more than before. The next morning I was heading to the truck to go to class and Heidi (our landlady) asked if I had a second. I said yes and she ran inside to get my some mail that had come. She then proceeded to tell me that her and her husband had been talking the night before and decided that if it meant us staying to finish school we could pay whatever rent we could afford. Wow! I almost started crying right there! I was so humbled and thankful! But I had to run to class so off I went. Still not seeing how we could stay because Sean had to get a job. 
Well, here we are. A week and a day later. Sean went out last Monday and the Lord literally dropped a full-time job in his lap. He will be working at a place called Armstrong's Garden Center. He has orientation on Tuesday and will start shortly after that. Praise the Lord! His mercies are new every day!
We are still living each day learning what it means to trust God and His promises to us. When it comes down to it, it's hard. It's so unnatural to trust in something you are not holding onto already. But what would faith be if everything was already revealed? I am looking forward to the day when I can look back and see how God has increased my faith even more. He has already proven time and time again that He is faithful even when we remain faithless. I am thankful for that! 
 I know this post is kinda long. But I wanted to get this all out. I hope you are encouraged. There are so many scary things that we are called to step out in faith and do. But remember that if God has called you to it, He has gone before you and is leading you. You have only to trust. 

Thanks for reading! I'll write again soon! :) 

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